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Texas Newspapers In Education (TNIE) is a non-profit organization designed to educate NIE Professionals in the state of Texas on the benefits of using newspapers in the school system, developing lifelong newspaper readers and increasing literacy awareness by using the newspaper as an educational tool.

TNIE offers an Annual Summer Conference where Texas NIE Professionals can learn new innovative ways to benefit our educators in the classroom. This is a great place to gain valuable information to grow your program, boost your circulation, and network with other NIE Professionals. It is also a great place to share ideas!

Many Texas history books used by seventh-graders show Democrats Ann Richards and Dan Morales as Texas governor and attorney general, respectively. “We are also totally desperate for the new social studies textbooks,” said Sharon Tolar, a teacher at the Ennis Independent School District near Dallas. “Our present text is outdated and not aligned with compliance to the state standards.” What better (affordable) ‘Living’ textbook can teachers use, other than the newspaper?

The curriculum available from TNIE is geared to the Texas State Standards (TEKS) and the TAKS. This is advantageous to teachers and newspapers alike. The teachers will benefit from having the TEKS and TAKS objectives that can be readily used with the newspaper. Your community newspaper will gain recognition as a supporter of education and literacy, as well as gaining new circulation by distributing newspapers to a classroom environment. This is a win-win situation.

TNIE also offers a quarterly newsletter to keep our membership informed of comings & goings, new products & information, as well as suggested lesson plans to share with your area teachers. TNIE Professionals are a sharing group.

If you should have any further questions, Any of the TNIE Board Members would be happy to answer them. Feel free to call any TNIE Board Member. Consider joining TNIE today and learn of all of the benefits that await you.

Top 10 Reasons YOU Should Join TNIE

10..TNIE connects you with other Texas NIE professionals who are willing to share a vast array of knowledge. Its a wonderful place to turn to for support.

9. We work successfully to produce new curricula each year. We align it to the Texas State Standards and offer it to our members at a nominal cost.

8. TNIE holds an annual conference that offers vital networking opportunities and the essential information you need to run a successful NIE program.

7. As a group, TNIE is respected and recognized through our newspapers and throughout state government departments and local school districts.

6. TNIE has a Board of Directors that meets several times a year to assess the needs for curriculum, work on educational projects, and plan the next annual conference.

5. We publish a quarterly member newsletter that informs, educates, and strengthens our NIE programs.

4. TNIE acts as a liaison to the Texas Education Agency and other statewide professional organizations. We can accomplish more at the State level than any one newspaper can do individually.

3. We maintain a Website that has downloadable resources (curriculum materials, lesson plans, registration forms, etc.) and access to an online forum.

2. Texas Newspapers In Education is THE source for the most up-to-date Texas NIE ideas, fundraising opportunities, events, and industry information available.

1. TNIE is on the cutting edge and by adding the strength of your support and membership we can continue to help our members reach the next generation of readers.

We cover a huge territory and have many different demands in our NIE positions, but with such esprit de corps, we are making our presence known and our jobs a lot easier. It is readily apparent that our members are one in spirit!